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Learn how to get your business dreams happening and make the school run | taught by Belle Lockerby

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This course is free for those awesome women with children of any age who are lucky enough to be part of sponsored or scholarship awarded programs. Log in details for sponsored & scholarshipped places would have been emailed prior to your program commencing. For issues, please email

I see the debate happen all the time:

Lean In, Lean Out. You can have it all, You can't have it all. If you are working, you are neglecting your kids. If you are a mom, you are not "working".  We need more women in leadership - Yes we do.

And then that image of success - perfect hair, perfect instagram tidy house. Makes you feel like its so out of reach, right?

Like you have to choose between the 9 - 5 (or more like 8 - 8) career, the family, or the hybrid "part time" worker, where lets face it - making it to social work functions just doesn't happen.

You get disillusioned, and disconnected from those dreams of doing something for you. (and making the school run).

So much for your goals.

That's where this course comes in. 

Guess what - becoming an entrepreneur is hard work. But that's okay - you are a mom. You know what hard work is all about.

Becoming an entrepreneur means adapting to change. And that's okay - you are a mom. You know what adapting means.

Becoming an entrepreneur means learning as you go. Well, you've got that in the bag. If you are like me, there certainly isn't a perfect playbook to parenting your kids. Just check out my blog where I own up on my cake disasters.

Becoming an entrepreneur means learning how to say no to things, and staying true to your vision and values. Just like helping your kids make good choices - once again - a skill you have that will help you to no end in business.

Becoming an entrepreneur means negotiating, managing finances, and knowing how to get the right message to the right customer (ok we've all had to sell broccoli to a toddler, right?)

Becoming an entrepreneur means doing what you love, having fun and defining success on your terms. Flexibility. Family. Financial Independence. Outsourcing the gardening (just sayin')

And just like the saying "it takes a village to raise a child", well, it takes support to create success.

That's how Mumpreneur-101 came about.

My original business started as, and evolved to become rise365 - helping people change it up to live and be authentic every day of the year, instead of feeling like you are constricted to either the corporate grey pant suit, or the school run sweat pants (possibly with some kid food or worse on you).

This program is now in its 3rd year, originally designed by yours truly for the City of Mandurah as a pilot - the face to face programs sell out every time they run. Designed to help connect like minded women, see businesses start, change and grow, demand has led it to be put online.

It builds confidence, inspires action, and moves your idea toward growth.

With practical tools and a supportive environment, we help take away the overwhelm that comes with stepping in to your ideas.

With a mix of video and downloadable worksheets, and aiming to keep lessons in small manageable time chunks of 15 minutes or less (give or take some thinking time if you are prone to a bit of deep thinking), all you really need to do is look at what time to trade (and we do that in week two).

Don't worry - I've done the study/work/start a biz/be mum deal, so yes, its achievable. And I get the juggle.

We can all achieve great things if we allow ourselves to.

With access to the mumpreneur alumni closed group, marketing tools, budgeting tools (for both personal and business budgets), time management tools. You will have tools coming out the wazoo, but you will know exactly what to do each week and uncover resources that you would have spent hours each week researching to find.

And because it's winter in my neck of the woods, I love doing nice things to make the world a little sunnier, so I'm launching:


As a special bonus, the first 30 people to sign up will get:

  • An access pass to discover their innate strengths at strengthsfinder valued at $15 US
  • An access pass to your business builder profile valued at $15 US
  • Bonus time saving tech resources (including my recommendations on the easiest to use)
  • How to assess ideas (whether you are just starting out or expanding - from a Change Professional) 
  • Exclusive Invite to one of 5 x 45 minute "Belle's Business Brain Download" where you can ask me anything about your business, or how I run things in a small intimate coaching call.

So guess what mumma - you ARE a woman in leadership.

Are you ready to put on your big girl pants and own your dreams on your terms?

Belle Lockerby
Belle Lockerby
Founder, CEO rise365 & Change Strategist

Hey learners!

I'm the founder of rise365, and creator of a few game changer programs including:

  • mumpreneur101,
  • artpreneur101,
  • business power up (for those who have been in biz for a few years, plus a few other cool programs)

As a single mom/mum (I can never choose the spelling - wanting to be respectful of each other), I not only run my own business, I also have designed my time to make the school run, and done well enough to own my own home (well there is a bit of a mortgage). People can do amazing things if they allow themselves.

I get the importance of support structures, and that life is not always smooth sailing, but mindset, wellbeing and running a business go hand in hand (in hand).

When it comes to business, critical things to understand are your goals, how you use your time, and what success looks like for you.

My passion is to help remove barriers for people to create sustainable change and achieve success on their terms.

If you love a list of creds (both formal and informal, here we go...)

  • Post Grad in Change Management through Australian Graduate School of Management (Australia's top Business School)
  • Assoc. Dip. Business & Marketing (Monash University)
  • Australia's First Certified Gallup Strengths Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee 2014
  • Over 250 Female Entrepreneurs have through my programs (and counting)
  • Record holder for eating ice cream as a buyer
  • Worked hard to overcome a phobia of frogs (but that's a work in progress)

When it comes to supporting entrepreneurs and businesses of all size step up and create change, I have worked with hundreds to get clear on their strategy, think differently about who their customer is, and find a way to make those big ideas get going.

With over 20 years (ahem - where did the time go?) spanning Sales & Marketing, Finance and across diverse industries (from mustering cattle to working with defence and seeing army tanks go on test drives to managing a multi million dollar ice cream portfolio amongst other things) I am a lover of change and adaptation.

Be it the curveballs that life throws at you or business. It comes down to change or die. Harsh, I know. Yet we are incredibly resilient with the right tools

I'm passionate about creating change, and helping people play to their strengths.

If you would like to know a little more, please check out my story here.

I'm honored to be part of your journey.


Belle Lockerby



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